BaloOm Studios specializes in the development of three-dimensional animations and high quality VFX for feature and short films, incorporating all stages of production…
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We create animation, 3D elements for television productions such as cartoon series, vignettes, opening of programs, footages, visual effects, compositing live-action with 3D…
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3D Animation

The art of our animation comes not only technology used, but the effort together, always looking for inspiration in respect to all and the ultimate goal…
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Mascots and Characters

BaloOm Studios projects your message by creating mascots and compelling and well designed characters, with the use of cutting edge technology…
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Designers, manufacturers and designers will benefit from the detailed and accurate computational models and of the photorealistic images…
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Architecture and Urbanism

We create facades and interiors, recreational areas, industrial parks, cities and virtual landscapes and all that is needed for a presentation…
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Color Correction

Color correction is a vital part of post-production. It is responsible for the process of change and improving of color of images in moving or not…
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Prototyping and Engineering

BaloOm Studios reproduces in 3D, products, accessories, engines, parts and equipment from traditional technical drawings, presenting…
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In recent years, many companies have used the power of 3D animation to add quality to your marketing campaigns and presentations…
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Institutional and Corporate

BaloOm Studios creates 3D animations and elements for institutional and corporate videos, for the internal exhibition at a company…
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Character Licensing

Character Licensing - 3D Animation
Contextual and charismatic characters can make its products loved by the public and become a bestseller. BaloOm Studios created 3D characters of high visual impact with engaging personalities, which are now available for licensing.

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HUB BaloOm - 3D Animation

Every client BaloOm Studios has access to HUB • BaloOm – a exclusive platform where you can manage and monitor safely and quickly your projects, payments, downloads and uploads of all project files, communicate with our staff and get full support. HUB • BaloOm is also available for mobile devices, through the webapp for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Check it out!